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DVD Burning Software – how to make a right choice?

Nowadays most PCs come with a built-in DVD-ROM (DVD write drive), which usually means that DVD burning program is already installed on your operation system. Most likely that this pre-installed software does not have all necessary features – it may just have only basic functions. But before you decide to buy appropriate software for DVD burning you need to make a research on the market and learn how and on what criteria you should choose this type of software. Please take your time to read my thoughts on the issue – they are written below. Prior reading the article further there is one important thing I would like to mention – if you want to copy video files from your PC to a DVD disk, you will need a converter software (because PC movies come in .avi format, and in order to be properly read on DVD players disks need to contain files in .mpeg or .mpg formats). Converting video files is an important feature of any burning software.


DVD BurningIn order to select the proper software write down all needed features, put them in a list. If you are not sure what features are important for your purposes – you can go and search for trial version of several DVD burning software programs (e.g. in Google). After you try several pieces of software, most probably you will get an idea of what you need.

The other thing you will need to do is to read software reviews on trusted resources (I can recommend PCworld or CNET) – find out what burning software got the best ratings and feedback. Advice given on such web-resources is unbiased; you may read opinions with several different authors, based on their attitude towards the software and rich experience of usage and comparison. Ratings and reviews may be easily interpreted into handy advice.
Next step will be to determine whether you will use DVD burner as amateur user or for professional purposes. Of course, if you need professional software you will aim at the one, which has as much useful features as possible. But be sure to get the latest versions – it will assist you in achieving your goals.

Right after you’ve decided which type of burning software you need, if possible go and download the trial versions of several programs and compare them between each other. This does not mean that you should not trust the reviews of websites. This trial has to be carried out in order to choose which burning software you are more comfortable with; the choice may be based on useful features, user interface, or even on the cheap price of software. Use and evaluate the software as long as possible (usually trial period equals to 30 days).
Later you will need to narrow down your choice options to two or three, based on your preferences and results of the trial. Compare features of all chosen products, their benefits, cost. Ideally, you should choose the burning software, which you like to use the most and which dies not exceed the budget.

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