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Operating system for mobiles

Android OSAndroid is one among the operating system for mobiles. This mobile operating system has been developed and distributed by the Google. It is a Linux based operating system in conjunction with the Open Handset Alliance. Open Handset Alliance is an association of 84 companies that develop open standards for mobile devices. It is abbreviated as OHA. OHA has its headquarters in South Korea and the membership is given to mobile operators, software companies, handset manufacturers, application developers and chip makers.

Its members include companies such as Google, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Dell, Intel, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, and Texas Instruments. OHA is led by Google and develops Android, an open source mobile platform and competes against the mobile platforms of Apple, Microsoft, Nokia (Symbian), Samsung (BADA) and HP. Initially android was developed by Android Inc, before it was bought by Google.

Touch screen Smartphone and TabletThe main motive for the development of Android is that a platform was needed for Touch screen Smartphone and Tablet PC’s to compete with those platforms of Apple and Nokia. And it has succeeded in it. Android is now the world’s leading Smartphone platform. Many factors were responsible for its success. Notable of them was the Android Open Source Project (ASOP), which, was lead by Google. ASOP deals with the maintenance and further development of Android.

Whenever a newer version of Android is released, Google releases its code as an Open Source, under Apache License. Because of this open source nature, it has got a large community of developers writing applications, usually called as “apps”, to improve the functionality of devices. The apps are written in a customized version of java. These apps are available for download to all the Smartphone users through Google Play and third-party sites. There were more than 675,000 apps available for android until September, 2012.

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